About the author

Chris D. Dodson

<p>Chris D. Dodson is an avid reader, scribbler/writer, first-rate husband, dad, neighbor, all around nice guy who views life as a mixed bag of genres, which is <em>really </em>nothing more than a long parade of the human carnival&mdash;so be amused, smile, just roll with it; it could be worse.</p> <p>Favorite authors: Mark Twain, Ernest Hemingway, Truman Capote, Nelson Demille, in that chronological order.</p> <p>Favorite pastimes: digging divots with his seven iron; watching his dog kick its leg while it sleeps; reneging on his honey-do list; winching a taut mainsheet for the perfect angle of attack; and for the best optics: sipping an espresso at Paris cafe while butchering the French language.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>Chris hails from the best climate on earth, Southern California, where he is sustained by a beautiful, long-suffering wife and two needy dogs&hellip;it just sort of fell into place that way.</p> <p>Chris&rsquo; up and coming best sellers are every story conceivable; it&rsquo;s a long, colorful parade&mdash;stay tuned.&nbsp;</p>