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Gemma Perfect

<p>Thank you for reading The Kingmaker &ndash; I hope you enjoyed it.</p><p>I started writing it in 2011. I was watching Junior Apprentice on the BBC, and one of the female contestants had to choose which of the two boys in her team would be team leader. She said, &ldquo;I&rsquo;m like the Kingmaker,&rdquo; or words to that effect and something in my brain just sparked.</p><p>I wrote about 30, 000 words but then, for some reason I can&rsquo;t even remember, I ignored it until the summer of 2015. In the mean time I wrote and self-published a set of three children&rsquo;s books, an adult romance, which was also traditionally published, before coming back to The Kingmaker. I was struggling to write another romance, and questioning whether I should stop writing altogether when I picked The Kingmaker up again. Within four weeks I had written another 40, 000 words. That&rsquo;s when I realised that I was finally writing what I should be writing &ndash; not what I thought I should be writing or what I believed people would want to read. Suddenly it was easy to do and, more importantly, enjoyable again.</p><p>I finished the book and sent it off to publishers and agents, hoping that someone would want it.</p><p>They didn&rsquo;t.</p><p>I decided to have faith in myself and my writing and self-publish again, but I waited until I had written the whole trilogy first. If readers liked it, I wanted the whole trilogy complete so they wouldn&rsquo;t have to wait. I know how impatient I am when I read a book I love and want to read the next one straight away.</p><p>So on that note, if you enjoyed The Kingmaker, then book two &ndash; Seize The Crown and book three &ndash; Born to Rule, are both written and available to buy now.</p><p>For updates and excerpts as I write my new book - The Cursed Princess - please subscribe to my monthly newsletter, via my website &ndash; www.gemmaperfect.com</p><p>There are two things readers can do for authors&nbsp;they like once they&rsquo;ve read their book: Review and Recommend. Reviews really do&nbsp;help books become more visible to other readers and a good review can make an author&rsquo;s day. Recommendations are what make a book take on a life of its own, finding new readers and fans and there&rsquo;s nothing like word of mouth for spreading the word about books we love.&nbsp;</p><p>You can get in touch with me&nbsp;via fb.me/gemmalperfect or you can visit my website www.gemmaperfect.com and I really hope that you do. xxx</p>