About the author

T.K. Riggins

<p>T.K. Riggins started writing because of a dare. His friend was searching for something new to read, and after coming up empty handed, challenged Riggins to take action. Instead of recommending a book, he decided to pen a story of his own.</p> <p>He shared an experience from his past, where he witnessed a cattle farmer deal with fetus malposition. The farmer was able to reach inside the cow, turn the calf around in the womb, and reorient the birthing position. With a little bit of tugging, some questionable language, and a healthy dose of faith, the calf entered the world and took its first breath with ease.</p> <p>Growing up in the city, Riggins thought he witnessed a miracle. The calf was struggling and was surely dead, but with the help of the farmer it was alive and well. Riggins turned this day on the farm into a fantasy story by replacing the cow with a flying lion, and the miracle work of the farmer into a tale of magic, because the experience was magical to him.</p> <p>His audience loved the story, so Riggins was obligated to make more. Instead of focusing on just the farm, he used other aspects of his life to create a world involving the physical strength of a warrior, the intellectual prowess of a scholar, and the passionate magic of a wizard. After a while, he had a whole book!</p> <p>Although he doesn&rsquo;t have a typical writer&rsquo;s background in Literature or Education, his BSc in Mechanical Engineering helps him innovate, problem solve, and attack his series with a fresh perspective. He&rsquo;s able to take a classic fantasy setting and add a modern twist, creating a world and story of his own.</p> <p>T.K. Riggins is the Chanticleer OZMA&nbsp;award-winning author of the fantasy novel&nbsp;<em>How To Set The World On Fire</em>. Originally from the Midwest, he now lives on the Canadian west coast, where he enjoys hiking the path less traveled, swimming against the current, and continuously pushing the boundaries.</p>