About the author

Peter Liptak

<p>A born-and-bred mid-western boy, Peter is a poet, world traveler, cyclist and lover of language. He taught English to kids and adults in Korea for 20 years&nbsp;as a tutor, preschool teacher, and adjunct professor at Incheon University, and created Exile Press&nbsp;with its imprints Little Bear Books and Hungry Dictator Press.<br /> <br /> Exploring interests at the University of Minnesota, from Astronomy and Anthropology to Philosophy and Poetics, Peter learned new skills as a preschool teacher, waiter, dance instructor and massage therapist in school and has worked as an actor, teacher, copywriter and author since. While working and living in Seoul, he completed an MA in Korean History&nbsp;and using Korea as a source of linguistic inspiration, penned several books including the controversial book of Korean Slang:&nbsp;<em>As much as a Rat&#39;s Tail</em>, translated the scathing graphic novel&nbsp;<em>The Great Successor - Kim Jong Un: a Political Cartoon</em>, created the Idiom Attack series of ESL textbooks and passion projects including an Art/Poetry book&nbsp;<em>Letters: Building an Alphabet with Art and Attitude</em>&nbsp;and a series of children&#39;s early readers, including&nbsp;<em>Teddy&#39;s Day</em>&nbsp;and&nbsp;<em>Teddy&#39;s Camp</em>. Now living in Minneapolis with his wife and three little ones,&nbsp;Peter continues publishing, while copywriting at&nbsp;The Writer&rsquo;s Ink.</p><p><strong>Awards</strong><br /> 2018 &nbsp; &nbsp; SILVER Winner Multicultural&nbsp;- Baek Seok: Poems of the North<br /> 2016 &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;International Book Awards Gold Medal - Letters&nbsp;<br /> 2016 &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Illustration Award and Bronze Medal - The Great Successor<br /> 2016 &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Benjamin Franklin Awards: Silver Medal - Korean Slang: As much as a Rat&rsquo;s Tail<br /> 2014 &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Korea Literature Translation Institute Grant: - translation of North Korea poet Baek Seok<br /> 2013 &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Benjamin Franklin Digital Awards: Silver - Teddy&#39;s Day HD<br /> 2012 &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Mom&#39;s Choice Awards: Gold Medals in Young Adult Poetry and Interactive eBooks for Letters and Teddy&rsquo;s Day HD<br /> 2012 &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Mom&#39;s Choice Awards: Silver Medals - Teddy&rsquo;s Day and Teddy&rsquo;s Camp<br /> 2011 &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Midwest Book Awards: First Place in Children&#39;s Illustrated - Teddy&#39;s Day</p>