About the author

M Greenhill

<p>After failing miserably at world domination and surviving many years of producing technical documentation, project plans and test plans that no one bothered to open, M (<em>pron. M</em>) Greenhill decided to create something that might actually be read.</p> <p>She enjoys creating paranormal stories that takes the reader on a journey filled with intrigue, excitement and more twists and turns than are bugs in a Microsoft update.</p> <p>M lives in New Zealand with her husband, two Minecraft addicted sons and pet Schnauzer who has survived one too many bad haircuts.</p> <p>Ever the optimist, she hopes that one day she will own a pair of Louboutin&rsquo;s and that, for once, her husband won&rsquo;t take a short-cut on a DIY project &ndash; or even finish one for that matter</p>