About the author

Fergus Crotty

<p> Fergus Crotty is a hugely imaginative, experimental creative writer with a distinctive, incomparable style.</p> <p> His work exists in beautifully constructed worlds painted with the subtle balance of his unique prose style, that reveals a mixture of delicately manipulated language, newly invented words, and evolutions of grammatical structure.</p> <p> He is a writer that, not so much likes to break the rules, as completely de-construct them altogether, mix them all up and put them back together in a different order so they vaguely resemble what they once were before, and then, like a proud parent, release them into the wild.</p> <p> His writing explores a range of intense emotional states, and is often liberally permeated by his dark, cynical sense of humour.</p> <p> Also a passionate scriptwriter, in 2010 he reached the final of the prestigious PAGE Screenwriting Awards, where he placed in the final hundred feature length scripts from 4412 global submissions. In the same year, he reached the quarter finals of the Oscars affiliated Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting Awards.</p> <p> He is an avid traveller, and currently lives in Spain.</p>