About the author

Meniere Man

<p>At the height of his business career the author became acutely ill. He was diagnosed with Meniere&#39;s disease, but the full impact of having Meniere&#39;s disease was to come later. He was to lose not only his health, but his career. He began to lose all hope that he would fully recover a sense of wellbeing. But it was his personal spirit and desire to get &quot;back to normal&quot; that made him not give up to a life of Meniere&#39;s symptoms of severe vertigo, dizziness and nausea.<br /> <br /> He decided that you can&#39;t put a limit on anything in life. Rather than letting Meniere&#39;s disease take over his life, he started to focus on what to do about getting over Meniere&#39;s disease symptoms without surgery or drug dependency. Meniere Man believes that if you want to experience a marked improvement in health you can&#39;t wait until you feel well to start. You must begin to improve your health now, even though you don&#39;t feel like it. The more you do, the more you can do.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> These days life is different for the Author. He made a full recovery. He does not take any medication. All the physical activities he enjoys these days require a high degree of balance and equilibrium: snowboarding, surfing, hiking, windsurfing, weight training.Following his own advice, he continues to avoid salt, stress, takes vitamins, exercises regularly and maintains a positive, mindful attitude.<br /> <br /> With a smile and a sense of humor, the Author pens himself as Meniere Man, because, as he says, Meniere&#39;s disease is the one thing that changed his life dramatically. The Author is a writer and artist. He is married to a Poet and Essayist. They have two adult children. He enjoys the sea, cooking, travel, the great company of family, friends and his beloved dog Bella.</p>