About the author

Nathan Prince

<p>Hi, I&#39;m Nathan Prince, and welcome to my work.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> I&#39;m very much the new guy on the scene, finally living the dream of sharing my fantasies and real life exploits with new friends. Of course, I&#39;ll never reveal which tales of seduction and debauchery are fact, and which ones are fantasy - that&#39;s something I&#39;ll leave you to you, dear readers, to guess.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> I only write stories which turn me on personally, I live each one as I write and I hope that that comes across on the page and has the same wonderful effect upon my readers.<br /> <br /> As for me, I&#39;m a youngish guy living in Texas, a lover of the arts, fine food, good company and all things hedonistic - you only live once, right? My philosophy is - and always has been - &#39;never say never&#39;, hence my rich background of perfectly decadent tales of hot nights of unbridled lust with an unimaginably imaginative selection of guys...<br /> <br /> I hope you enjoy reading my work, my new friends, as much as I have enjoyed writing for you.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Nathan P.</p>