About the author

E. W. Farnsworth

<p>E. W. Farnsworth lives and writes in Arizona. Over two hundred fifty of his short stories were published at a variety of venues from London to Hong Kong in the period 2014 through 2018.</p><p>Published in 2015 were his collected Arizona westerns <em>Desert Sun, Red Blood</em>, his thriller about cryptocurrency crimes <em>Bitcoin Fandango</em>, his <em>John Fulghum Mysteries</em>, Volume I, and <em>Engaging Rachel</em>, an Anderson romance/thriller, the latter two by Zimbell House Publishing.</p><p>Published by Zimbell House in 2016 and 2017 were Farnsworth&rsquo;s <em>Pirate Tales</em>, <em>John Fulghum Mysteries, Volumes II</em>,<em> III, IV and V</em>, <em>Baro Xaimos: A Novel of the Gypsy Holocaust</em>, <em>The Black Marble Griffon and Other Disturbing Tales</em>, <em>Among Waterfowl and Other Entertainments</em> and <em>Fantasy, Myth and Fairy Tales</em>.</p><p>Published by Audio Arcadia in 2016 were <em>DarkFire at the Edge of Time</em>, Farnsworth&rsquo;s collection of visionary science fiction stories, <em>Nightworld, A Novel of Virtual Reality</em>, and two collections of stories, <em>The Black Arts</em> and <em>Black Secrets</em>. Also published by Audio Arcadia in 2017 were <em>Odd Angles on the 1950s</em>, <em>The Otio in Negotio: The Comical Accidence of Business</em> and <em>DarkFire Continuum: Science Fiction Stories of the Apocalypse</em>. In 2018 Audio Arcadia released <em>A Selection of Stories by E. W. Farnsworth</em>.</p><p>Farnsworth&rsquo;s <em>Dead Cat Bounce</em>, an Inspector Allhoff novel, appeared in 2016 from Pro Se Productions, which will also publish his <em>Desert Sun, Red Blood, Volume II</em>, <em>The Secret Adventures of Agents Salamander and Crow</em> and a series of three <em>Al Katana</em> superhero novels in 2017 and 2018.</p><p>E. W. Farnsworth is now working on an epic poem, <em>The Voyage of the Spaceship Arcturus</em>, about the future of humankind when humans, avatars and artificial intelligence must work together to instantiate a second Eden after the Chaos Wars bring an end to life on Earth.</p><p>For updates, please see www.ewfarnsworth.com.</p>