About the author

Kelly Matsuura

<p><strong>Kelly Matsuura</strong> grew up in Victoria, Australia, but always dreamed she would live abroad.&nbsp; She has lived in northern China, Michigan in the US, and over ten years in Nagoya, Japan, where she now lives permanently.</p> <p>Kelly has published numerous short stories online; in group anthologies; and in several self-published anthologies. Her stories have been published by <em>Visibility Fiction, Crushing Hearts &amp; Black Butterfly Publishing, A Murder of Storytellers</em>, and <em>Ink and Locket Press</em>.</p> <p>She majored in Asian Studies at university, and (sometimes) studies Japanese, Chinese and German. Her other hobbies include cooking, knitting, sewing, and traveling.</p> <p>As the creator and editor for <em>The Insignia Series</em>, Kelly uses her knowledge of Asian cultures to help other indie authors produce great diverse stories and to share the group&#39;s work with a new audience.</p>