About the author

Ryder Phoenix

<p>Ryder Phoenix is transgender and nonbinary. They love to write, draw, do martial arts, and play games. Phoenix has been interested in magic probably as long as they've been writing, which was from a very young age indeed. Naturally, a magic-filled adventure was bound to be crafted by this robe-wearing magician.<br/>&#13; Phoenix read a lot of books growing up, but never truly connected to most characters. None of them were ever transgender, after all. Years later, they decided to write their own transgender character instead of looking to other stories.<br/>&#13; <em>Rainbow Reflections</em>&#160;includes many LGBTQ+ characters, giving us all the representation we've been searching for. This story will go beyond the typical coming-out tales, focusing on magical adventures in an accepting world. Finally: A book where LGBTQ+ people are commonplace and aren't rejected for their identities, a story where these people can thrive!<br/>&#13; Ever wanted a LGBTQ+&#160;<em>Harry Potter</em>? Looking for a happy LGBTQ+ story? You don't need to look any further than&#160;<em>Rainbow Reflections</em>!&#160;</p>