About the author

Lavinia M. Hughes

<p>Lavinia M. Hughes, a native New Englander, has co-authored a novel <em>Newtucket – the Rising</em>. She has also co-authored six screenplays: <em>Cape Car Blues, Freeport Fred’s Valiant Summer, Golf Cart Ranger, Plimsoll, Training Ship, </em>and<em> What We Can’t Know</em>, synopses of which are available at http://RichardGHughes.superscreenplay.com</p><p>She has edited several non-fiction and fiction books for two decades and has authored dozens of short stories, many of them posted on Reedsy.com.</p><p>She lives and writes with her husband Richard Hughes in their Waquoit Village home in Falmouth, Massachusetts.</p><p><em>Enter Through the Crawlspace</em>, her collection of 20 of her scariest short stories, is her first solo book effort.</p>