About the author

David Kudler

I am a writer, editor, and publisher living just north of the Golden Gate Bridge with my wife, author/teacher Maura Vaughn, our author-to-be daughters. And our (apparently) non-literary cats.<br>Currently, I run my own small publishing company,&nbsp;Stillpoint Digital Press. Since 1999, I’ve overseen the publications program for&nbsp;Joseph Campbell Foundation. I have edited three posthumous volumes of Campbell’s unpublished writing and lectures and overseen editions of nine additional titles, the most recent being the third edition of the seminal&nbsp;<em>Hero with a Thousand Faces.</em><br>I have just finished&nbsp;<em>Risuko</em>, a young adult historical adventure novel (whew! lots of qualifications on that!) set in Japan during the Civil War era. The sequel,&nbsp;<em><strong>Bright Eyes</strong> hits</em> the shelves on May 5, 2022<strong>.</strong><em></em><br>I’m a passionate reader of mysteries, fantasy and whatever else I can get my hands on. I am a story addict.<br>I also have a really healthy respect for heights. (In one of Terry Pratchett’s&nbsp;<em>Tiffany Aching&nbsp;</em>books, the heroine realizes that it’s not the heights that she’s afraid of: it’s the depths. I understand that.)<br>And that’s me, at the moment.&nbsp;