About the author

Jessica Kelly

<p> Author.&nbsp; Dreamer.&nbsp; Entrepreneur.</p> <p> <br /> That&#39;s how Jessica Kelly describes herself.&nbsp; Just like the main character in her first book, <em>Trick Play</em>, Jessica believes that hard work is the key to success.&nbsp; Luckily, though, creating new characters and new plot twists doesn&#39;t feel like work to her!&nbsp; Jessica has always had a passion for writing, and she has dreamed of becoming a successful author for more years than she can count.</p> <p> So what about the &quot;Entrepreneur&quot; part?</p> <p> That proves just how serious Jessica is about turning her dream into reality.&nbsp; Her goal isn&#39;t to write a book or two in her spare time.&nbsp; Instead, she&#39;s focused on building a successful writing career from the ground up.&nbsp; She&#39;s not content to JUST have a dream.&nbsp; She&#39;s willing to do whatever it takes to make it come true.</p> <p> Jessica began living the dream the moment she started writing <em>Trick Play</em>.&nbsp; When she&#39;s not dreaming up new story ideas, this native Floridian can be found spending quality time with friends and family, soaking up the sun on the beach, and -- of course -- reading.</p> <p> Jessica loves hearing from her readers.&nbsp; Connect with her on Facebook at <strong>http://www.facebook.com/jessicakellyauthor</strong> or on Twitter at <strong>http://twitter.com/WritingJessica</strong></p>