About the author

Brad Kelln

Dr. Brad Kelln is a clinical &amp; forensic psychologist in Nova Scotia, Canada. In addition to writing fiction for over 20 years, he works full-time at the largest forensic facility in the Maritimes and has provided expert testimony at all levels of the criminal courts on violence and abnormal sexual behaviour. He maintains a small, but busy, private practice and regularly consults to both the police and RCMP. Dr. Kelln can neither confirm nor deny holding a top secret contract with the military. New (Under) Ground is his sixth novel and third in the Blake Waiter series. He is currently finishing his first non-fiction book describing the role of our brain’s evolution in creating anxiety and how we can fix that.<br><br><strong><em>Also by Brad Kelln:</em></strong><br><strong>Lost Sanity (2001)</strong><br><strong>Method of Madness (2002)</strong><br><strong>In Tongues of the Dead (2009)</strong><br><strong>Tell Me More: A Blake Waiter Mystery (2018)</strong><br><strong>The Russian: A Blake Waiter Mystery (2019)</strong><br>​​​​​​​<strong>New (Under) Ground: A Blake Waiter Mystery (2020)</strong>