About the author

Bonnie Turner

<p><strong>Bonnie Turner—one of the few remaining members of the Greatest Generation—was born on Halloween in Independence, Missouri, at the height of the Great Depression.&nbsp;</strong><br><br>Currently residing in Wisconsin, she is a mother, a grandmother, and a great-grandmother. Her many interests include&nbsp;astronomy, geography, history, yoga, philosophy, psychology, metaphysics, and parapsychology. She's a self-educated "jack-of-all-trades", a Mensa "almost", a classical-music and jazz-fusion aficionado, and a rabid fan of the Green Bay Packers football team.<br><br>Bonnie Turner has owned two wonderful Siberian Huskies—Sasha&nbsp; and Oniktok&nbsp;(Tokka). It&nbsp;was Sasha (the same name as the dog in <em>The Haunted Igloo</em>)&nbsp;who inspired the writing of that book.&nbsp; And Tokka considered the author her Alpha Mom.&nbsp;Turner currently enjoys the antics of a Tortoiseshell cat named Jazzbaby, who dances on the keyboard and generally makes a pest of herself while her owner is trying to write. But she is loved to pieces! xx<br><br>The author fell in love with Arctic stories when young, and she hopes her Arctic Series reflect&nbsp;that love. Concerned about "climate change," she prays the Arctic doesn't melt. But should that happen, her stories may remind readers how the Arctic used to be—but now the old fur-trading posts don't exist, and details of life in that harsh climate are few and far between.&nbsp;Except for a few ships' logs, bills of laden, and weathered scraps of sales receipts, most are gone.<br><br>Turner's contacts at the Hudson's Bay Company&nbsp;(in Canada) provided photos and other valuable information about the Inuits, post managers, climate, supply ships, customs, and daily life in the Canadian Arctic in the 1930's. Bulging folders of notes and online files are reminders of how much research material was accumulated. The HBC still exists, but is no longer the same as it was when the fictional characters in <em>Drum Dance</em> took over.<br><br>Turner's favorite authors include: Mark Twain, James A. Michener, poets Robert Service and Edgar A. Guest. Some favorite books: Giants in the Earth (O.E. Rolvaag), Steamboat Gothic (Frances Parkinson Keyes), Chesapeake (Michener), the epic poem, The Odyssey of Homer, and Harvest Home (Thomas Tryon).<br><br>Bonnie Turner learned to read in first grade from the famed "Dick and Jane" readers. Many years later, her first novel for children (<em>The Haunted Igloo</em>) was published by Houghton Mifflin (1991). After that book was released, she visited grade schools with a life-size, handmade Inuit doll, encouraging students to keep reading and writing—and offering "polar bear hugs" along with her autograph. Those were fun years she will never forget, and she has a mountain of fan mail to remind her.<br><br>Among the author's favorite fan letters are these gems:&nbsp;<br><br>*** "Mrs. Turner, I'll give you a million dollars for this book!"<br>*** "Dear Mrs. Turner, Thank you for getting me out of sixth hour!!!"<br>*** "Dear Mrs. Turner, Thank you from all the lead in my pencil!"&nbsp;<br><br>What great kids, those middle-grade students!<br><br>In addition to writing, Bonnie Turner is a professional copyeditor, proofreader, and book formatter with more than fifty years experience. She also loves art and working&nbsp; with graphics, creating book covers, and offering help and advice to anyone who asks.<br><br>Please visit this page for more information about services&nbsp;Bonnie Turner provides:<br><em>https://onestopfiction.com/bonnie-turner</em></p>