About the author

S.E. Isaac

<p>Coming from a family of military members, S.E. Isaac learned at an early age what it meant to travel. She spent six years of her childhood in Germany and the remainder in Missouri, USA. She became a young mother at the age of sixteen and learned what determination, motivation, and inspiration could do to one&#39;s life.</p> <p>She has experienced just about everything life can throw at a person, from serving in the military, seeing the effects of war, divorces, childbirth, financial struggles, being a single parent and raising a special needs child alone . Life hasn&#39;t always granted her the happiness, which she desired, but she never quit treading water. You have to fight for what you want in life.</p> <p>Writing has always been an outlet for her, even at the young age of eight, which is when she started writing poetry and short stories. It has always been a dream to have her work published, and to have readers connect with her characters. She believes that is every writer&#39;s dream--to have their work truly read.</p>