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C.M. Aitken

<p>What&#39;s shakin&#39;, bacon? I&#39;m Chris and when I was a kid I hated to read.</p><p>No, seriously, wasn&#39;t a big fan.</p><p>One day at the wise age of 10, I made a huge mess in the back yard. Packing peanuts + kiddy pool + brother with a lawn mower = OMFG!&nbsp;I promptly got grounded until I cleaned it up which, of course, I didn&#39;t do. So instead of keeping me in my room for the rest of eternity, mom made me do a book report on <em>Animal Farm</em>.</p><p>Did I mention I was 10 at the time? Yeah, &quot;four legs good, two legs better&quot; and all that.</p><p>Long story bearable, in addition to making me damn certain I would always eat meat (before it eats me!) there was something in the book that opened up the floodgates.</p><p>For Christmas, I asked for books.</p><p>For my birthday, more books.</p><p>For random trips to the mall, give me books, damn you!&nbsp;</p><p>I read every SciFi/Fantasy title I could get my hands on. Eventually, I wasn&#39;t happy reading everything ever; I also wanted to write my own stories!</p><p>Actually, <em>wanted</em> is the wrong word. It&#39;s too soft and willowy. Hmm, got it!</p><p>Eventually, I developed <em>the all-encompassing need to write a freakin&#39; book</em>.</p><p>So, that&#39;s why you&#39;ve got whatever you&#39;ve got in front of you. I hope you have / had a good read and it brought you some happiness / nostalgia / stomach cramps (or something).</p>