About the author

Roberto Gemori

<p>Roberto Gemori has been designing tattoos professionally for more than a decade. He has always been fascinated by myths and legends from around the world, as they often reveal the soul of a culture better than its historical records. Behind every myth there is always a truth, evident or hidden, that reflects the dreams, beliefs, and views of a particular culture, and he believes that art is the key to their understanding. Among all arts, tattooing in particular is one that remains true to the roots of a people, and this is especially the case in Polynesia, where it is deeply related and interconnected to everyday life.<br /> Gemori has studied Polynesian art and symbolism for twenty years, and through Polynesian designs he creates beautiful, rich, and meaningful tattoos. His designs are published on TattooTribes.com and appear in specialized magazines.<br /> When not designing, he writes books on Polynesian tattoos to foster understanding and appreciation of this beautiful form of art.</p>