About the author

Steven Lyle Jordan

<p> Steven Lyle Jordan writes under the name of Steven Lyle Jordan because he&rsquo;s found it&rsquo;s easier than making up a name.&nbsp;</p> <p> Steven has been writing futurist fiction and science fiction since 1996, and taking advantage of his medley of literary, web and design skills to self-publish his novels since 2006. He has earned critical acclaim for his writing, as well as being honored for his self-made cover design and ebook quality.&nbsp; He has penned sixteen novels to date, including a study of the growth of the ebook industry and a non-science-fiction detective adventure.&nbsp; He is presently writing for and consulting on various science fiction projects for television.</p> <p> Steven has been interviewed by the <em>New York Times</em> and in various blogs, including Book Chums, DigiReader and The Tainted Archive. He has also lent his web production talents and support to the <em>Read an E-Book Week</em> website, elucidating on and encouraging ebook reading around the world.</p>