About the author

Elizabeth Genovese

<p>In the mid-eighties, nervous novice writer, Elizabeth Genovese attended a taping of Toronto&rsquo;s <em>Front Page Challenge </em>where a friend introduced her to Canadian icon, Pierre Berton. When Mr. Berton said he was interested in reading her novel, Elizabeth said she &lsquo;just happened&rsquo; to have a manuscript in the trunk of her car. &ldquo;Up front I&rsquo;ll tell you, if I don&rsquo;t like it I&rsquo;ll say so,&rdquo; he warned, &ldquo;I will not embarrass myself by submitting a bad manuscript.&rdquo; Two weeks later at 7:00 a.m., the phone rang: &ldquo;Elizabeth! Pierre Berton here. I think you&rsquo;ve got yourself a book.&rdquo; Following a previous publication, a title change and several re-writes, that book became <em>The Astral Shore.</em></p> <p>Elizabeth&rsquo;s books combine supernatural suspense, mystery, and time travel with recurring themes of obsession and idol worship. <em>Dark Angels Prey</em> is a supernatural tale of suspense and adventure. The book&rsquo;s companion, <em>Frankie G&rsquo;s Miracle</em>, highlights the life of a character briefly portrayed in <em>Dark Angels Prey. </em>Though the novella introduces DAP&rsquo;s main characters, they can be read and enjoyed as standalone books. <em>Frankie G&rsquo;s Miracle</em> is free on<em> elizabethgenovese.com.</em></p>