About the author

C. Marie Bowen

<p><em>Not your ordinary paranormal romance.</em><br><br></p><p>Discover nail-biting suspense with award winning author, <strong>C. (Connie) Marie Bowen</strong>. She weaves her supernatural characters into a collection of tales linked to her first award-winning novel, <strong>Passage</strong>, the first book in her Soul of the Witch trilogy.<br><br></p><p><strong>Passage</strong> won First Place in the Paranormal Romance category in Indiana's Golden Opportunity competition in 2014. In 2015, her novels <strong>Passage</strong> and <strong>Prophecy</strong> were nominated for RONE awards in the Time Travel and Paranormal categories, respectively.<br><br></p><p><strong>Aubrielle’s Call</strong> released in August 2016. A historical, paranormal romance that takes readers to France in 1939, on the very brink of World War II. Aubrielle’s Call ties to her Soul of the Witch world and her fans love the connection.<br><br></p><p>After the much anticipated release of <strong>Paradox</strong>, Connie intends to release Amy and Jason’s love story in a Soul of the Witch prequel, <strong>Burn</strong>. Also look for her immortal, J.L. to appear in <strong>The Corsair's Tempest</strong> one of the tales in<strong> Pirates, A Boys Behaving Badly Anthology #3,</strong> <em>edtied by Delilah Devlin.</em><br></p>