About the author

L.C. Giroux

<p> I think I&#39;m like a lot of my readers, I&#39;m married, got a kid, a house, I sew clothes, and I write contemporary romance novels in my (cough) spare time. Oh, you don&#39;t do that?</p> <p> It started in high school, I wrote a serial romance novel in a black and white composition book one chapter at a time. As each chapter got finished the book would get passed around to all my friends. They loved it and couldn&#39;t get enough. Except one of them left it behind after class one day and the only name on it was mine. I ended up in the Vice-principal&#39;s office trying to explain that it was fiction. In his defense, it was written as a journal. He couldn&#39;t believe I could know that much about sex and relationships if I hadn&#39;t done any of that. I told him he needed to watch more TV.</p> <p> After years of stumbling around in more jobs than any other two people I know, I&#39;m back to writing and loving it! I recently quit my day job to write full-time. Scary! Thrilling!! I am more difficult to work for than my old boss. Who knew?</p> <p> I write for women looking to inject some contemporary romance into their busy lives. To that end my work tends to clock in at about 40- 50 thousand words or about 200+ pages. Short enough that you can read it in between everything else you do but long enough that I can develop the characters a little.</p> <p> Reviews are crucial for a self-published writer so if you review one of my books on the site you got it from send me the link. As a thank you for taking your time I&#39;ll send you the full cover art from that book. You can have your own collection!</p> <p> Be sure to check out my blog (Thoughts) for information you can use to be Smart, Sexy, and Fun, along with the latest going on in my world.</p> <p> I love to hear from my readers so feel free to drop me a note. I try to write back as quickly as possible.</p>