About the author

Tamalyn Whitehead

<p> Tamalyn is a writer, an artist and loves all genres of music. Ever since she was a child, she dreamed of knights in shining armor and believed in fairy tales. Tamalyn&#39;s books are written in first person and many of her readers think they are so real that she has been asked time and time again, if they were actual memories.<br /> After raising three kids and the nest was empty, she finally had time to write and create the wonderful world filled with knights and lords, making them truly come to life!<br /> Currently, she resides in Florida and is married to her own knight and she is finally living happily ever after...<br /> Tamalyn&#39;s first novel, Gracey, is still going strong and well loved. All of her books are all the same time period and all are self standing</p>