About the author

Emory Clark

Emory Clark spent more than two decades in a military uniform but has always had a passion for writing. His first inspirations came from listening to influential writers like Tom Clancy speak while Emory was still in college. Their professionalism, intelligence, and insight awakened a desire in Emory he had only toyed with before that. While at school, Emory studied electrical engineering and was introduced to a man that would dominate his writing thoughts: Nikola Tesla. It would eventually become an obsession culminating with his book: The Biography of Nikola Tesla. Now retired from the military, Emory decided it was time to focus on his love for writing, proving it is never too late to realize your dreams. When he finds time to unwind, Emory enjoys a day at the beach or in the heights of the mountains. At home in nature, he uses those moments to focus and prepare for the next challenge. His affinity for technology shines in his writing style.