About the author

Brandon King

<p>Brandon King is an award-winning novelist, as well as a non-fiction writer. He spent too many years believing he should not write because he had a busy career and a family to support. When he finally started letting words flow out of his head, down his arms and through his fingers onto a computer keyboard, he regretted how much time he&#39;d let flow past. At least now he is wiser (a little) and more focused (a lot). If you have an itch to write, then do it. Now. Put this book down and come back after you&rsquo;ve written your book. Or at least a chapter.</p><p>Mr. King lives in southwestern Idaho, where the moun-tains are near enough to feel. In just a few minutes he can be sitting on a column of basalt nearly 100 feet high. His wife is an accomplished singer-songwriter, with a love for Americana and blues. Their daughter became a published fantasy novelist at 17; she is now studying to become an engineer&hellip;while she continues writing her book series. They share their home with lots of beloved pets adopted from their local shelter.</p>