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Forbes Robbins Blair

<p><strong>Forbes Robbins Blair</strong> is a professional hypnosis therapist, author, entrepreneur and originator of the &ldquo;eyes-open self hypnosis method&rdquo;. He believes that changing your behavior should not be difficult. Self hypnosis is how to do it, and his scripts make it easy and quick to do.</p><p>Typically, self hypnosis requires script memorizing. Those sessions usually take up to an hour of your valuable time. With his self hypnosis as-you-read method, your sessions only require 15-20 minutes and the results are excellent!</p><p>Forbes writes his books to encourage people to change habit patterns with hypnosis. His explanations are straightforward. His scripts are full of positive imagery. His mission is to empower people to change negative habits into positive ones.</p><p><strong><em>Self Hypnosis As You Read: 42 Life-Changing Scripts</em></strong> is his third self hypnosis book including the bestselling Instant Self Hypnosis: How to Hypnotize Yourself with Your Eyes Open.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> In another self-help category, Mr. Forbes has authored three book in the Amazing Manifestation Strategies book series includes <em><strong>The Manifestation Manifesto</strong></em>, <strong><em>The Manifestation Matrix</em></strong> and the newest book: <em><strong>The Manifestation Mindset </strong></em>(coming Nov-2015).</p><p>Forbes has created original programs about the Law of Attraction and self-growth as well, available on his website.</p><p>He began teaching his innovative self hypnosis methods in 1997; since then, has since appeared on several national radio and television for his expertise in the United States.</p><p>Please contact him at any time. He is very friendly and wants to help you succeed. Please visit his website: <u>http://www.forbesrobbinsblair.com</u></p>