About the author

Lisa Mackay

<p>Lisa Mackay has enjoyed a wonderful career as a singer, songwriter, and musician,&nbsp;performing all over the world for royalty, celebrities, and several corporate giants including Sony.</p><p>With an insatiable creative streak, she also completed a course at the&nbsp;National Film &amp; Television School in the U.K.</p><p>Lisa has directed a pilot for television, and worked as Script Supervisor for acclaimed&nbsp;British director and screenwriter, Jane Gull.</p><p>After deciding to retire from performing to concentrate on her new passion,&nbsp;Lisa wrote and self-published her debut novel.</p><p><strong>M.F. – Book #1&nbsp;</strong>of the<strong> Sexy M.F. Series.</strong></p><p><strong>Missing Foxx – (When you least expect it…) Book #2&nbsp;</strong>of the series, continues the turbulent love story of Max and Vivienne.</p><p>Culminating in the third and final book of the trilogy,&nbsp;<strong>Mine Forever – (No me without you) Book #3</strong></p><p><br></p><p><strong>lisamackayuk@gmail.com</strong></p><p><strong>www.lisamackay.uk</strong></p><p><strong>@lisamackayuk</strong></p><p><strong>facebook.com/lisamackayauthor1/</strong></p>