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Kerri Williams

<p> This is where normally people write professional bio&#39;s in the third person. I don&#39;t do normal well, so here is some quick bits off the top of my head.<br /> ***<br /> I&#39;m an addict to all things awesome, books, coffee, anything series, coffee, music and lets not forget coffee!<br /> People call me Batman-okay so I started that rumour and once spread means it&#39;s got to be true right.<br /> Proud Australian who wishes there wasn&#39;t such a huge pond between me and my friends and readers- USA especially.<br /> Why I write? Because I love reading and have been extremely lucky in life to experience true love. At 16 I met my now husband and since had our wonderful children known as &#39;The Lollies.&#39;<br /> I&#39;m not afraid to say my writing gets better with every book so keep reading and growing with me. I am afraid of sharks, snakes, clowns, spiders or anything that wants to fly at my face or crawl near me...with the exception of maybe a ladybug. They&#39;re pretty innocent until proven otherwise.<br /> I write Young (YA) love novels, New Adult (NA) and contemporary romance because lets face it, I&#39;m a genre whore and if I had the imagination I&#39;d write paranormal and more,<br /> Yes I have a day job and write because I like stuff and stuff costs money. Dang it!<br /> So I keep writing and run this site and An Indie Affair for readers because one day I&#39;ll earn enough to write full time, be able to travel, buy lots of stuff for me and my girls because they love stuff too &amp; provide for hubs who deserves the freaking world for putting up with such a nutty dreamer like me.</p> <p> Follow my blog http://kerriwilliams-writerofromance.... where you can find all my novels and all my rambles.</p> <p> Happy reading<br /> Kez<br /> (BATMAN)</p>