About the author

Haylee Thorne

<p>When Haylee Thorne isn&#39;t writing her stories, she works proudly as a registered nurse in Kentucky. Haylee loves to read and watch TV (she may or may not be slightly obsessed with anime), and there aren&#39;t many movies she has not seen. She&#39;s known to enjoy a good glass of champagne, and can eat an unlimited amount of French fries (seriously, it&#39;s a problem). When she has some free time (as in time not spend working or writing), Haylee loves spending time with her family and friends.<br /> You can find Haylee on her webpage at<br /> http://hayleethorneauthor.com/<br /> or on Facebook at<br /> https://www.facebook.com/hayleethorneauthor/<br /> or on bookbub at<br /> https://www.bookbub.com/profile/haylee-thorne</p>