About the author

Jim Stovall

<p>James Glen Stovall (Jim) is a retired professor of journalism who lives in East Tennessee. During his teaching career, he taught at the University of Alabama (1978-2003), Emory and Henry College (2003-2006) and the University of Tennessee (2006-2016). He is now working on a second career writing young adult fiction and mysteries.<br /> <br /> Jim is the author of the a selling writing textbook, <em>Writing for the Mass Media</em>, as well as other journalism texts such as <em>Journalism: Who, What, When, Where, Why and How</em> and <em>Web Journalism</em>.<br /> <br /> Other books include:&nbsp;<br /> <br /> &bull; <em>Seeing Suffrage:The 1913 Washington Suffrage Parade, Its Pictures, and Its Effects on the American Political Landscape</em><br /> <br /> &bull; <em>Battlelines: Gettysburg: Civil War Sketch Artists and the First Draft of War</em><br /> <br /> In addition to writing, Jim likes to paint (watercolor), draw (pen and ink), play music (dulcimer and banjo), garden and piddle around in his woodworking shop.<br /> <br /> Jim grew up in Nashville, Tennessee, and that is his favorite setting for his novels.</p>