About the author

Megan O'Russell

<p>Megan O&#39;Russell is the author of several Young Adult series that invite readers to escape into worlds of adventure. From <em>Girl of Glass</em>, which blends dystopian darkness with the heart-pounding danger of vampires, to <em>The Chronicles of Maggie Trent</em>, which opens the gateway to a hundred magical realms.&nbsp;<br> <br> 2019 has led Megan on a new publishing journey, which will see thirteen projects released within the year, including the <em>Girl of Glass </em>series, <em>The Tethering</em> series, <em>The Chronicles of Maggie Trent</em>, and <em>The Tale of Bryant Adams</em>. To be the first to hear about new releases, free short stories, and giveaways, sign up for Megan&#39;s newsletter by visiting MeganORussell.com.<br> <br> Originally from Upstate New York, Megan is a professional musical theatre performer whose work has taken her across North America. Her chronic wanderlust has led her from Alaska to Thailand and many places in between. Wanting to travel has fostered Megan&rsquo;s love of books that allow her to visit countless new worlds from her favorite reading nook. Megan is also a lyricist and playwright. Information on her theatrical works can be found at RussellCompositions.com.<br> <br> She would be thrilled to chat with you on Facebook or Twitter @MeganORussell, elated if you&#39;d visit her website MeganORussell.com, and over the moon if you&#39;d like the pictures of her adventures on Instagram @ORussellMegan.</p>