About the author

Judith Deborah

<p>I&#39;m Judith Deborah, and I&#39;m a proud indie author.</p> <p>I was born and raised just outside New York City and retain a New Yorker&#39;s sensibility in most respects, though life has taken me quite some distance from midtown. The girl&#39;s out of New York, but New York isn&#39;t out of the girl.&nbsp; I&rsquo;m a Duke and Oxford grad and a great admirer of people who do things I could never do in a million years, like win ski-jumping competitions and sing really well. I believe a bone-dry martini is the perfect cocktail and that P.G. Wodehouse was a genius on a par with Shakespeare. I&rsquo;m an expatriate, a mother of three, and an enthusiastic practitioner of compound archery and complicated knitting.</p>