About the author

Cannon Thomas

<p>Cannon Thomas is a salesperson turned consultant turned author. He&nbsp;started his&nbsp;career&nbsp;as a 100% commission sales rep, becoming the top salesperson in his finanical services firm.&nbsp;After several years of successful selling, Cannon attended business school and entered the bizarre world of management consulting. There he helped&nbsp;senior executives improve&nbsp;sales results by creating sales processes, designing compensation plans, mapping&nbsp;sales territories, implementing&nbsp;CRM, training&nbsp;salespeople, and&nbsp;just about anything else a sales consultant&nbsp;can do. Cannon&#39;s clients experienced many great successes, but along the way he also witnessed a lot&nbsp;of&nbsp;silly things.&nbsp;So he&nbsp;decided to write a book. Now he&#39;s&nbsp;an author and speaker - sharing entertaining stories that provide insights into what&nbsp;not&nbsp;to do in&nbsp;a sales force. He hopes these real-life vignettes will help you avoid temporary insanity and save your sales career.&nbsp;</p>