About the author

Janet Foret Lococo

<p>Janet Foret Lococo, retired registered nurse, wife, mother, and grandmother&mdash;discovered the joy of reading in the first grade at Baudoin-Foret School in Raceland, Louisiana, at the age of seven.&nbsp;</p> <p>Her love of happily&ndash;ever&ndash;after endings began at an early age when she listened to fairy tales on the radio show <em>Let&rsquo;s Pretend </em>every Saturday morning.<em> </em>She reads just about anything, but her favorite reading genre is steamy romance followed by mystery mixed with romance. A voracious reader, she reads two to three books weekly.</p> <p>She discovered the joy of writing after retiring from nursing&nbsp; at the age of sixty&ndash;five. Since her retirement fifteen years ago, she has self-published three humorous autobiographies and four steamy romance novels. This marks her eighth work, and she is already working on the last manuscript of the trilogy&mdash;The Partners Series - Book 3.</p>