About the author

Brenda Mohammed

<p>Award-winning, multi-genre writer <strong>Brenda Mohammed</strong> did not choose writing as a career.<br /> Her first career was banking.&nbsp;<br /> After she retired as a Commercial Area Credit Manager of one of the leading banks in the Caribbean, she worked in the Insurance Industry where she also excelled.<br /> She wrote her first book after her bout with cancer and near death experience.&nbsp;<br /> Her purpose for writing, &#39;<strong>I am Cancer Free&#39;</strong> was to tell persons in similar situations that cancer does not have to be a death sentence.&nbsp;</p><p><br /> <strong>&#39;I am Cancer Free&#39;</strong> won the award for Best Non-fiction from Mc Grath House Book Awards in 2016.</p><p>&nbsp;<br /> Her memoir, <strong>&#39;My Life as a Banker: A Life Worth Living&#39;</strong> was voted second in the category Best Bio/memoirs in the SIBA Awards by Metamorph&#39;s Publishing in 2016.&nbsp;</p><p><br /> <strong>Retirement is Fun</strong>, the sequel to My Life as a Banker was a nominee in those Awards.&nbsp;</p><p><br /> She is the author of the science fiction series <strong>Zeeka Chronicles: Revenge of Zeeka, </strong>which placed third in the category Best Science Fiction in SIBA Awards 2017.<br /> Brenda donates books to children&#39;s hospitals, national libraries, and school libraries.&nbsp;<br /> She lives with her husband on the beautiful Caribbean island of Trinidad.<br /> <br /> Connect with her on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus, and Instagram.<br /> She loves to interact with other authors and readers.</p><p></p>