About the author

Brenda Mohammed

<p>Author of the science fiction futuristic thriller series 'Zeeka Chronicles: Revenge of Zeeka," Trinidad based Author Brenda Mohammed, a multi-genre and award-winning author, has written eighteen books. &nbsp;<br>a. Six fascinating memoirs. &nbsp;<br>b. A five book science fiction series.&nbsp; <br>c. Two children's books.&nbsp; <br>d. Four books of short stories.&nbsp; <br>e. One self-help book on How to Write for Success <br>Brenda, a former Bank Manager loved her job helping commercial businesses with loans and overdrafts for start-ups and expansions.&nbsp; It was most rewarding for her to see vibrant businesses spring up and improve the economy of the beautiful island of Trinidad where she lives.&nbsp;<br>After her retirement, she ventured into unfamiliar territory of Insurance Underwriting.&nbsp; <br>She was required to write several examinations which she passed with flying colours. &nbsp;<br>After six years, she was awarded Life membership in the Million Dollar Round Table, a Premier Association for Financial Professionals. <br>A diagnosis of cancer changed her career aspirations and she is now happy to be a writer.&nbsp; <br>Her first book published was "I am Cancer Free. – A Memoir."&nbsp; <br>That book won first place in Non-fiction in McGrath's Publishing Awards 2016. <br>Three of her other books won awards - My Life as a Banker, Zeeka Chronicles, and Your Time is now. <br>She donates books to schools, hospitals, and libraries internationally. <br>She loves to interact with fans and other authors<strong>.</strong> <strong>&nbsp;</strong>​​​​​​​</p><p><br></p>