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Eugene Lee

<p>Eugene T. Lee, Esq., is president of MBK Sports, the most up and coming agency in the NFL player representation industry. When Academy Award nominee Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me) was hired to direct an ESPN Films documentary (The Dotted Line) about the inside world of sports agents, he chose Eugene T. Lee, Esq. as the NFL agent to be featured. Why? Eugene is quickly making a name for himself as a premier NFL sports agent, and in the words of Spurlock, many expect him to be the next &ldquo;powerhouse&rdquo; agent. Nothing has ever been handed to Eugene, who picked up his first sports client while playing pickup basketball in law school at Notre Dame, where Eugene also earned his Bachelor of Business Administration degree, Summa Cum Laude, in Accountancy. As one of the NFL&rsquo;s leading agents, Eugene is known for never compromising his principles to get ahead. Although the movie will capture what really goes on behind closed doors as Eugene helps his clients navigate the minefield that is professional sports, Eugene&rsquo;s dynamic and diligent approach to his profession endures beyond the film. In an industry known for its greed, scandals and ruthlessness, Eugene has been able to maintain a sense of integrity and draw strength from his faith while swimming with sharks.<br /> <br /> As a frequent guest on Fox News, Fox Business, CNN, CNBC and Bloomberg, Eugene has become widely recognized and respected as an industry expert on NFL player contracts, the salary cap, the collective bargaining agreement and athlete branding.<br /> <br /> Eugene has written numerous op-eds that have appeared in publications worldwide including Forbes, International Business Times and The Washington Times. His published work includes Penn State&rsquo;s Moral Failure, Tim Tebow: How Do We Define Greatness, Fixing the College Football Bowl Championship Series, and Michael Sam: Courage in the Line of Fire.<br /> <br /> Eugene has been branded and hailed as a sports agent of the utmost integrity and expertise &ndash; a bastion of light in an industry often plagued by the darkness of unscrupulous characters.</p>