About the author

Tammie Painter

Want to sample my writing? Please visit <em><strong>TammiePainter.com</strong></em> and head to <strong>Free Story</strong> in the menu to get your copy of <em><strong>"Mrs. Morris Meets Death,"</strong></em> my humorous tale of mortality, time management, cruise ships, and... romance novels.<br><br><strong>Who Am I? Here's the Quick &amp; Dirty Version</strong><br><br>I'm an award-winning author who turns wickedly strong tea into imaginative fiction. With a creative and curious mind, my stories run the gamut from historical fantasy to modern-day paranormal, and magical realism to humor-laced dark fantasy.<br><br>I've got two, complete historical fantasy series under my belt: The Osteria Chronicles and Domna,&nbsp;plus a fair number of short stories<br><br>Right now, I'm at work on a contemporary fantasy trilogy that’s filled with magic, mystery, snarky humor, and zombies because who doesn’t love zombies…especially ones with a posh British accent.<br><br>I'm also the host of <strong>The Book Owl Podcast</strong> where I explore the tales of quirky books and literary lore. It's a book nerd's paradise over there so be sure to give it a listen wherever you listen to podcasts.<br><br>When I'm not creating worlds or tormenting my characters, I conjure homemade wine and beer, plod around in the garden, and travel near and far (or dream about doing so for the time being).