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Melanie Marchande

<p>Melanie Marchande is a young writer who loves creating fun, flirty, and occasionally steamy stories about two people realizing they just can&#39;t live without each other. If you&#39;d like to read more from her, please leave a review letting her know what you liked about the book so she knows what to write next. You can also connect with her online:</p><p>VIP email&nbsp;signup:&nbsp;MelanieMarchande.com<br /> Email: MelanieMarchande@Gmail.com<br /> Website: MelanieMarchande.com<br /> Twitter: @MellieMarchande<br /> Facebook: FRIEND at Facebook.com/Melanie.Marchande.3 and LIKE at Facebook.com/MelanieMarchande<br /> Tsu: Tsu.co/MelanieMarchande</p>