About the author

Ewa Miendlarzewska

<p>Dr. Ewa Miendlarzewska&rsquo;s professional career led through studies in economics and management in Italy and work in business development and applied neuroscientific research for an electronics giant in the Netherlands. She shifted to pursue her passion for human mind and behavior through a research master and then a Ph.D. in neuroscience in Switzerland. Her research centers on the interaction of emotions and rewards motivation with learning processes. She&rsquo;s a full-time researcher applying neuroscience in the study of financial decision making.&nbsp;</p><p>Ewa has published scientific articles in various sub-areas of neuroscience in peer-reviewed scientific journals, including the most popular with the internet &ldquo;How musical training affects brain development&rdquo; that topped the journal&rsquo;s altimetric and was translated into Spanish and cited by The Economist. &nbsp;</p><p>She is fluent in four languages, intermediate in two more and is learning one other. Telling fantastic stories have been her first love (at the age of three), before writing books (at age four), and English language (age seven). She&rsquo;s recovered the memory of these childhood dreams when she fell in love again in 2016 and decided to pursue the secret dream of becoming a creative writer.</p><p></p>