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Mike Clancy

<p>I was raised on welfare by my hero, a single mom..</p><p>I once had a job with the federal government&nbsp;helping&nbsp;people&nbsp;escape poverty and achieve equality.</p><p>Then federal policy changed from equality to&nbsp;austerity. My employer, your government&nbsp;actively created&nbsp;poverty. Yes, we could&nbsp;save middle class people from losing their homes but we were ordered to &quot;cut loose&quot; working class people because they are &quot;worth less.&quot;</p><p>Your&nbsp;government&nbsp;helped&nbsp;business&nbsp;to &quot;cut loose&quot; our&nbsp;working class jobs and send our jobs to&nbsp;a working class in other countries along with the right to park profits overseas so they wouldn&#39;t be taxed.</p><p>My bosses declared, &quot;There is nothing wrong with children starving to death if they are not worthy of investment.&quot; I told the public on the radio.&nbsp;After nearly 20 years,&nbsp;I was forced to quit my job.</p><p>Fifty years later, I went on workfare.</p><p>I&#39;m still fighting for equality.</p><p>What are YOU&nbsp;doing&nbsp;about it?</p>