About the author

Sophie Kisker

For years I wrote dark capture fantasies and stories of power exchange and hid them in my computer. Now that I’m out of the closet, I split my time between being a writer, and mother, wife, overworked employee, and slave to the cat. <br><br>Most evenings you will find me hiding in my office cave to write, where I only care about my internet signal and the strength of my coffee.<br><br>My men are dominant, often overbearing, and sometimes assholes. My women are independent and don’t fall to their knees just because they’re told to. There’s always an HEA, though the road is often twisted, dark, and sometimes non-consensual.<br><br>Find out where my books are sold and how to get a <em>free</em> book here: www.sophiekisker.com<br><br>