About the author

C. Thomas Lafollette

<p>C. Thomas Lafollette is a writer of Urban Fantasy and Historical Fantasy and is the author of the forthcoming Luke Irontree novels. He earned a degree in Ancient History with a specialization in Classics. He's read poetry on stage with Yevgeny Yevtushenko* and dined with the Belgian Prime Minister**. C. Thomas has lived in Portland, Oregon for nearly nineteen years. He lives with his wife, fellow author&nbsp;<a href="https://amycissell.com/">Amy Cissell</a>, his stepdaughter, and his four jerkface cats. He and Amy also run their own freelance editing business -&nbsp;<a href="https://cissellink.com/">Cissell Ink</a></p><p>*Yevtushenko was friends with a professor at C. Thomas's college. He was studying Russian at the time and Yevtushenko decided he wanted the Russian students to read with him on stage at his performance.</p><p>**This was purely coincidental. C. Thomas's host took him to dinner at a restaurant in Mons, which was Elio De Rupo's favorite spot. He was also the mayor of Mons at the time. He'd had a pie thrown at him earlier that day and was having dinner with some friends. Thomas is still not sure what kind of pie it was though.</p>