About the author

Jessica Sherry

If not enjoying someone else’s imaginary world, Jessica Sherry’s lost in her own with characters who are smarter, more adventurous, and better looking than she is—qualities they pay for dearly given the hardships she puts them through. A Virginia Tech grad, she’s been a teacher, preschool director, #PitchWars mentee, personal chef, and chauffeur (some, just for her household). Her monster imagination is fed by her small town and family life in Wilmington, NC, where her loved ones don’t seem to mind becoming heroes, villains, or creepy bystanders in her stories—she’s careful to disguise them. She supports her blog and social media attempts with coffee and hemp oil in nearly equal measure. When she isn’t writing, she’s playing amateur sleuth, hunting for suspicious activity in her neighborhood, city, and at the beach because that’s what good mystery writers do. The Delilah Duffy Mysteries are her first published works.