About the author

Kristin Stecklein

<p>I started writing in High School, inspired by the novel, The Moon Is Down. From there, inspiration brought dozens of other ideas, most of them centering on fantasy fiction themes with strong female characters. I am not a damsel in distress, and I don&#39;t write characters who are, generally. In my fairy tales, the damsel locked away in a tower already has an escape plan and typically a weapon or two.</p><p>I currently teach music in Oklahoma and live with two cats who provides plenty of entertainment. I like Disney, and action movies, superheroes, adventure, magic, royalty, and books that combine these elements. As that is what comprises 95% of my bookshelves, that is what I tend to write.</p><p></p><p>I want to write books that all ages are able to read and help them to enjoy getting lost in a book the way I do. More, I want my readers to see my characters learning, making honorable choices. Of course, not every character can be noble and self-sacrificing, or there wouldn&#39;t be much conflict, but the majority of my characters are trying to be good people, just like I imagine most people are trying to be.</p><p>While I do not intend to write romance novels, it has a habit of creeping in there, as most of the world is searching for love, and I like happy endings. I also seem to have an unrealized fascination for the military, as most of my ideas involve military and fighting in some form or another, as well as adventure. Because isn&#39;t adventure all about self-discovery and bettering yourself?&nbsp;</p>