About the author

Shan R.K

<p>I am a born and bred South African Author. My passion for writing was never something that just happened. I was born to write words as one is born to die.&nbsp;</p><p>My stories are dark and twisted. The Characters are somethibg that I relate to.&nbsp;</p><p>They are either personas of a certain belief of mine or they are characters portraying the different types of people in our world today.&nbsp;</p><p>I love writing fiction and bringing a world alive with words. I believe that a voice is not just one spoken but one seen too.&nbsp;</p><p>Since I have started writing I am able to show you that which I wish to scream.&nbsp;</p><p>I enjoy reading at any time of day.</p><p>My favourite book I have read to date would be Angels blood by <strong>Nilini</strong> <strong>Singh</strong>. My ATF Author is a definite <strong>Jamie</strong> <strong>Begley</strong> and my BR series is split between Infernal Devices by <strong>Cassandra</strong> <strong>Clare</strong> and The Black daggerhood brothers by <strong>J.R</strong> <strong>Ward</strong>.&nbsp;<br /> The longest book I have written to date would go to House of Legions- A paranormal romance about a Lightwatcher and Angel.&nbsp;<br /> The best book I have written would be Beggar - A MC suspense/romance series.&nbsp;<br /> The best idea I have ever had would be to start my blog Liston Hills School me. It is a live online novel I started working on a year ago. I like to consider myself as someone who is shy but also friendly.</p>