About the author

Jillian Quinn

<p>Jillian Quinn is the international bestselling author of over fifteen romance novels, most notably known for the Face-Off series. She&rsquo;s from Philly, a city girl to the core, now living in Southwest Florida, where she still hasn&rsquo;t adjusted, though she&rsquo;s not opposed to the warm weather or lazy days by the pool.</p> <p>Jillian sets all of her books in her hometown, dreams of getting her hands on a real cheesesteak, and still cheers for her local sports teams. She&rsquo;s a lover of sports, especially those involving tackling, checking, and men in tight pants. A self-proclaimed Coffee Queen, Jillian practically lives at Starbucks, where you can find her most days, drinking all the coffee.</p> <p>Join Jillian&#39;s Inner Circle to receive your FREE starter library via e-mail. You will also gain access to the latest updates, freebies, and extras you can&rsquo;t find anywhere else. Sign-up at https://jillianquinnbooks.com/free-book</p> <p>For updates, visit JillianQuinnBooks.com or follow her on social media.</p> <p>- Facebook: https://facebook.com/jquinnbooks</p> <p>- Twitter: https://twitter.com/jquinnbooks</p> <p>- Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jquinnbooks/</p> <p>- Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/jquinnbooks/</p> <p>- Amazon Author Page: http://amzn.to/2kLTxYH</p>