About the author

N. S. Wagner

I’ve written creatively since I was old enough to hold a crayon, though it took me a few decades to get serious about it. Today, I write the kind of books I want to read: romance featuring geeky heroines, detailed world-building, and female friendship. While my books have humor and coziness, I also do not shy away from serious themes (like discrimination, dealing with illness, etc), because I want my books to reflect real-life struggles, not just fantasy. “June and Logan’s Totally Awesome Kiss” is my first romance novel, the first of the two-part “Logune Forever” series. Some characters from “Logune Forever” shall also appear in my next series of fantasy romances, also set in Haunted Hills, Minnesota, and involving wizards, and dragons — and even a unicorn or two. Outside of writing, I’m also a fan of reading, crafts (currently learning to embroider), board/computer games, and generally spending time with family and friends.