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Tomasz Tomaszewski

<em>"Everyone deserves to live a healthy and happy life"<br></em><br>Tomasz is owner of yourlifehabits.com site with tips on how to live happy, well balanced life!<br><br>Tomasz is a happy guy living a calm and fulfilling family life, enjoying his children. He loves spending time with his family. He learned to appreciate the small things in life.&nbsp;<br>He lives a healthy and sporty life, caring about good, mental and physical condition, a balanced diet, and regular exercise. Every year Tomasz beats his own record for 10K run; the last one stands at 47 minutes 13 seconds. This year his challenge is to complete it below 47 minutes. Keep your fingers crossed!<br><br>Tomasz's source of personal satisfaction is helping people by sharing his knowledge, and experience with everyone who wants to live happy and well-balanced life with consensus to core values, self-esteem, beloved family, and great job.<br><br><strong>Join Tomasz at his site at http://yourlifehabits.com</strong> (just copy and paste into your browser) to get fresh inspirations, easy to follow exercises and many more!