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<p>French born in Vittel (la flotte) 1954. No 3 of four boys, grows up in small village, goes to mass on sundays, little sh.t rest of the week. School holydays in grandparents farm,&nbsp;&nbsp;did everything except milk cows &amp; drive tractor. Comes 14 and &quot;&acirc;ge b&ecirc;te&quot; lasting longer than expected. Numerous accidental head scars. 1970-72 cooking school Contrex 2 diplomas thin-king &#39;What the f***k am I doin&#39; here?&#39; Full time chef: Brittany, Alps, Cannes, Vosges, Switzerland, French &amp; Dutch Cara&icirc;bes, Boston, Washington DC, Cape Cod &amp; the Kennedys, Maryland, Paris, Ireland, Ibiza, London (30 years!). Head Chef at 18, French restaus next 20 years, Personal Chef to Mick Jagger, Prince Khalid Abdul-lah of Saudi Arabia, billionaires business-men, Lords &amp; Ladies... another 20 years for the wealthy. 40 jobs in all. 70 to 100 hrs/week. Become excellent photogra-pher. Very proud Dad of 2 gorgeous daughters, Jessica &amp; Poppy, living with their Mums. Many memorable relation-ships, a few disastrous ones. Enough to have become a good Buddhist for the last 30 years. Not in a monastery, though. Amen. Yummy girls still my favorite dish.</p>